Right Path Health Screenings - Now you know.

(5 Screenings for $150)


Heart UltraSound Screening:This screening visualizes the heart valves, measures systolic function, the motility of the left ventricle, the ejection fraction and the dimensions of the atrium and ventricles.


Atrial Fibrillation Screening: Atrial fibrillation is a heart rhythm problem found in almost one in every 150 people, causing palpitations, shortness of breath, fatigue and risk of stroke.


Stroke Screening: Stroke is the most common cause of long term care admissions in the US. This screening will show your level of plaque build up in the carotid arteries.


Thyroid Ultrasound Screening: This detects cysts, nodules and other abnormalities that may indicate signs of thyroid disease.


Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD): Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a condition where blood circulation is restricted. It affects over 8 million Americans. This screening detects signs of circulatory problems in the lower extremities.




Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening: Aneurysms form as a result of weakening in the arterial wall. This ultrasound screening detects aneurysms and other abnormalities.


Liver Screening: This scans for cysts, nodules, masses, texture and density and size dimensions of the liver.


Kidney Screening: This scans for cysts, nodules, masses, stones, fluid and more.


Gallbladder Screening: This scans for stones, sludge, wall thickening and other abnormalities.


Pancreas Screening: An important organ providing essential hormones and digestive enzymes. This screen detects small lesions, abnormalities and other signs of disease.


Spleen Screening: This organ is essential in regard to red blood cells and the immune system. This screening detects an enlarged spleen and additional signs of disease.


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Best Value! 11 Screenings for only $200.00

Blood Pressure, Pulse and Blood Oxygen Saturation Level are included FREE with all health screenings.


Appointments are required, call 800.770.0240 or 602.254.7130.


You can also select any of the screenings above individually for just $75 each.


Blood pressure, pulse, and blood oxygen saturation level are included free with all health screenings.


* Please wear a two-piece outfit with a shirt that buttons up the front. A minimum 4 hour fast is required with the Abdominal Ultrasound Package. Rest assured, a confidential printed report is immediately provided.